Hydrostatics Calculator is an analytical naval engineering calculations suite, designed to work along Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS, providing hydrostatic analysis to aid ship design. Hydrostatics Calculator interfaces with SOLIDWORKS and extends it's functionality, allowing the user to test their designed hull in the intended conditions, view the resulting statistics, and modify the design on the fly.



0305 As of version 1.35, key features include:

  • Analysing the hull in 7 distinct modes;
  • Automatically adjusting the height of the waterline based on desired displacement;
  • Iterating through draft, displacement, heel or trim to produce tables and graphs (e.g. Draft table, Righting Moment graph, etc.);
  • Simulating natural buoyancy by placing the center of gravity anywhere on the hull;
  • 27 hydrostatic properties, including displacement, metacentric height, righting moments, block and prismatic coefficients, wetted surface area, entry angles, hull speed etc.;
  • Hydrodynamic resistance predictions based on KAPER and Holtrop methods;
  • Visual representation of the hull position, immersion, as well as the markers for Center of Gravity and Center of Buoyancy;
  • A number of model-specific settings for performance tuning and calculation accuracy;
  • Ability to view selected results graphically, as well as export it in a .png format;
  • Ability to export calculation results in .csv tables for usage with Microsoft Excel, Libre Office Calc or similar software;
  • Ability to export the oriented and submerged hull into SOLIDWORKS Solid Bodies for manual measurements, calculations or manipulations;
  • Learning algorithm: the more you work with a specific hull, the faster calculations become;
  • Support for hulls of any size and shape: model boats, paddleboards, surfboards, dinghies, rowboats, powerboats, yachts, hydrofoilers, floatplanes, ferries, cargo ships, oil tankers, aircraft carriers, etc.;
  • Metric and imperial units of measurement with a high degree of customization.


 Current limitations:

  • The SOLIDWORKS model must contain 1 solid, non-hollow body.
  • Multi-hulls are supported, as long as both hulls are combined into a single body.
  • SOLIDWORKS Assemblies are not supported.

To obtain a limited-time demo, or a full license of Hydrostatics Calculator, head to the Downloads section, or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The license includes:

  • Life-time access to full functionality of Hydrostatics Calculator;
  • Technical support from our developers;
  • Free access to future updates, upgrades, and new features in the upcoming versions of Hydrostatics Calculator.

 For a quick start guide, watch the video tutorials.

For more in-depth information, refer to the User Manual.